From lockdown hobby to London Marathon

Will Macpherson, the cricket and rugby union correspondent of the London Evening Standard, explains how he comes to be running 26 miles to raise money for The Primary Club

I was one of those people who found myself so bored in lockdown that I was suddenly aimlessly sprinting round south London just to fill some time. Until then, running had seemed a necessary evil to replace organised sport, which I had run out of time to be involved in many years earlier. But my lockdown hobby has turned into something I really enjoy, and I was honoured and delighted to be offered The Primary Club’s role at the London Marathon this year.

The first weekend of October is hoving into view, and I’m realising that I need to put in a bit more than my dashes of a few kilometres each day. In January, I took part in a charity fitness challenge where I exercised each day and, on the 31st, ran 31km as I took the first step towards marathon distance. Since then, I’ve done another half-marathon, and am continuing to build up throughout the summer – perhaps including some running to and from cricket grounds as I chase the England team round the country.

Go to this link to sponsor Will and The Primary Club in the 2021 London Marathon, which takes place on Sunday 3 October