It is with sadness that we report that Michael Savage, whose lunches raised over £32,000 for The Primary Club over the last 8 years, died in December 2018.

Michael held the first Primary Club Lunch in Northamptonshire in 2011, the year in which he became a member, after having spent some very enjoyable times in the Bowler’s Bar at Lord’s over a pint or two with Derek Underwood when they chatted cricket and Derek explained to Michael the aims of and great work done by the Primary Club.

Michael had previously worked raising money for other charities, over many years, but as cricket had always been close to his heart he felt this would be a very worthwhile project for his organising skills and enthusiasm.

At his last lunch in November 2018, Guest of Honour Sir Tim Rice entertained his audience superbly with anecdotes, not only about his work as a lyricist, but also about his association with and love of cricket – alluding to the fact that he was a very enthusiastic cricketer, but not always the best cricketer in the team. The £6,200 raised at this event was the best return in any of the 8 lunches Michael organised since 2011.

Honorary Secretary, Chris Larlham said “Michael has raised more money for the Club than any other single individual in the fifteen years I have been Honorary Secretary, as well as recruiting dozens of new members”.

Michael will be sorely missed by his family and friends, but also as one of the most significant fundraisers in The Primary Club’s history.