Do you, or someone you know, work with blind or visually impaired children within mainstream schools?  We are here to help!

When The Primary Club was founded in 1955, the majority of blind and visually impaired children were educated in dedicated schools, such as the Royal London School for the Blind.  Now, however, most children with sight impairment are educated within the mainstream state education system.

In many ways, this is a welcome development, however The Primary Club trustees have recognised that a consequence of this change is that we may not be reaching some of the children that the Club was originally established to support.  As a consequence, we are launching a new Primary Club Mainstream Education Award to provide funding to teachers, Special Needs Co-ordinators or other organisations who would like to provide a sporting or recreational activity to these pupils.

Full details of the award, the criteria for assessment and associated terms are available here.  Applications must be submitted by 31 January 2018 to using this form.