Supporting Children in Mainstream Education

Do you, or someone you know, work with blind or visually impaired children within mainstream schools?  We are here to help! When The Primary Club was founded in 1955, the majority of blind and visually impaired children were educated in dedicated schools, such as the Royal London

The Primary Club 2017 Matchplay

The Primary Club have, for many years, sponsored the England & Wales Blind Golf (EWBG) annual matchplay tournament, played for the Lew Vizzard Knockout Trophy. ¬†This year’s competition was held at the Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Droitwich, who have been great supporters of EWBG for nearly 20

Where your money goes: Useful Vision

Useful Vision creates positive opportunities for vision impaired children and their families throughout the North East, and helps them get the most out of life.