I have been enjoying visually impaired sports for 25 years, many of which have been funded by The Primary Club. From cricket, football, tenpin and bowls, your financial support not only allowed me to enjoy regular local club sessions, but also for the more competitive among us to compete nationally and in many instances to play for our country. It is so important for us to be able to enjoy these sports clubs. Many great friendships have begun and networking among clubs has been achieved.

Cricket was my first foray into sport where I enjoyed many finals on the Lord’s Nursery Ground. I remember vividly hitting the winning run with one ball to spare at Lord’s after a few swings and misses as a lower order batsman! I even managed to sneak into the England team for a few friendlies.

Then onto football, Tenpin and Bowls where I have achieved well and which I enjoyed immensely.

My eyesight has always been poor and unfortunately only getting worse, and with that comes an even greater need of support with extra help and specialist equipment which is needed more and more.

The Primary Club’s role has been right at the heart of all the sports I have taken part in. Your support is appreciated throughout the country for hundreds of visually impaired people of all ages and you are regularly spoken about at events with great thanks for all that you do for us.

Your kind donations are spent extremely diversely allowing the older among us to continue sport and keep active, and to support children just starting their journey.

It is pretty safe to say without your help I would not have achieved what I have, never met half my new friends and would probably never have kept as fit.

Phil Dutton